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02-02-2008, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by vampiro View Post
I've never heard that Sergei Kostitsyn was lazy before this year development camp where some media Fu**ers watched him and said that he was lazy. That was pure crap talk and they didn't know anything about Sergei as we can see, because this kid is all about great attitude and irreprochable work ethic.
Actually, like I said in my post, I guess I'm one of the media ****ers that you're referring to, without being a media. But if you would have been there all week, you would have understand. He was not at hist best all week except when came the game situations. But all the drills, mostly when you compare him to other guys especially Subban, he was not trying hard. Still it was only practices and that's what I'm saying. Juraj Mikus looked great in preseason camps and he's not worthy of a contract.

Development camp reports is just that. Reports that tries at best to report what's going down at the present time. In no way is that an indication of how a career will turn out....and that I hope it was understand....

Besides....Don Lever as well, coach of the Dogs, said something about how he had to have a better work ethic. Clearly, Kosty Jr. is a case of a guy who thrives with higher competition and needs that to stay on top. When it's too easy, you have that tendancy to sleep a little too much and that could also be understandable.

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