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02-02-2008, 08:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Acadmus View Post
Probably the municipality or state where it happened (depending if it was locals or state cops) needs more money and the politicians don't want to raise taxes anymore because they're pretty much maxed out and there would be revolution.

The most common thing to forget here in Vermont is your annual inspection - this is because the state requires the stickers to be located directly behind your rear-view mirror where you can't see it. And the legislature refuses to move it, even though the state's police association has recommended it. My office manager and his wife both drove uninspected vehicles for months before realizing it last year. He finally realized it when he went to take his daughter to take her driving test for her junior license and the instructor pointed it out to him

Luckily our company owns two garages so he was able to get it inspected that day and get his daughter back to take the test at a later time. Then he realized their other car wasn't inspected, either.
Man, that's like when I went to apply at the Sheriff's office and was told my license was suspended when they ran it. Apparently, I'd received a ticket for running a toll, but I never received the actual ticket. I rarely run/ran tolls and a few times they literally weren't working. Apparently I was busted by one that wasn't. I now have e-pass. Ticket me now....punks!

I went the next day to renew my registration. I was going to get a Panther plate, but the things are so ugly I opted out. I got the 'save our seas' plate instead. Has a shark on's cool!

So you're saying there's a chance!
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