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04-16-2004, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee
Nice post, like Red Fisher, I usually don't talk to young punks, but you seem like a nice guy. In all of our pre series estimations, we thought Bruins size would wear out our team, and our speed would cause your team havoc. I think both have happened. Watching as a fan, it's often difficult to see the entire game. Most people, myself included regard the opposition as a constant and figure the entire result depends on how their team plays. There've been some strange games and events in the series and they have taken away from some great hockey. Boston has had to get their offense from their second line, and most are surprised they have that depth. Granted, the big line has 4 goals, but only 1 has been in regular line play. I don't know what to make of Thornton. If healthy, obviously he'd be more productive and I won't argue about bad calls, but to lead his team anywhere, he has to get control of his temper. I'm sure he's a lock on Team Canada, and there will be the usual talk of discipline, but I'll be interested in seeing how his game looks in that setting. Murray and Knuble to me are good players in good situations for them. Big players seem to play best with big players, sounds weird but I remember how Leclair was different when he lined up beside Lindros. I find Boston's defense is pretty effective at keerong the Habs away from rebounds and give Raycroft a sense of security, but they can panic a bit. For the first time in awhile, I get the idea Boston's management is commited to a contender over the long term. This team will only get better.

You mention the Bruins/Habs from the old days. Wayne Cashman is the player that always comes to mind. I thought he was the meanest, ornery player in the league. Tough guys avoided him because he seemed a little crazy and no one wanted a piece of him. As much as I hated him, I wish we could get some of his DNA, and line up his clone beside Ribeiro and Ryder. That would be a line. Since you were fortunate enough to see the late 60's Bruins, when people discuss the all time greats and don't start with Orr, don't you just laugh and assume that they just never saw him play ? That version of the Bruins, 68-76, doesn't get credit as an all time great team, probably because they should have one 1 or 2 more than they did.If the WHA didn't come along, who knows what they would have accomplished.
Yeah you're right...when the WHA came along, in 72 we lost Gerry Cheevers, Turk Sanderson, (who came back after blowing his $1MIL in a matter of months and was too far gone to ever be effective again), Pie McKenzie, (there was a nutcase, still is from what I hear) and Teddie Green, as well as losing Eddie Westfall to the NY Isles / expansion draft.
Shakey Walton went to the WHA the following year.

We haven't won the Cup since.

BTW...a little tidbit. Terry O'Reilly made his debut that year, playing 1 game....but didn't get his name on the Cup as far as I know.

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