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02-02-2008, 05:44 PM
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I was at the game last night, and I thought Walker was fine on RW. DJ King actually tried to set Big Country up for his first-ever career NHL goal on more than one occasion, and if it had been another goalie besides Giguere in the net, there's a good chance it might have happened.

That said...

Originally Posted by BGDDYKWL View Post
Glumac isn't a tenth the fighter/physical presence Walker is ... How people would rather see some pansy who can't even spell standing up for his teammates play a few minutes over a heart and soul guy like Walker is beyond me.
If you seriously believe that Mike Glumac "can't even spell 'standing up for his teammates'," you need to put down the crack pipe and find yourself another sport to watch, Initials...

I agree that Walker is a better fighter and more imposing physical presence than Glumac, but it's ridiculous to imply that Glumac isn't capable of playing that role effectively at the NHL level. As as for "heart and soul," Walker may well be one of those guys, but you're not going to find too many players that will skate through a brick wall for this organization more readily than Mike Glumac.


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