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04-16-2004, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by bb_fan
your not lending much credit to name there i think.

I onky saw the last half of the game (had to pick up my new 4-wheeler!!) but the main plays that i here both sides talking of are Joes penalty on Marhkov, Brisbois (sp?) and the goal Zednick got.

My take on all three:

Joe got pushed/crosschecked into Theo, who was also out of his crease by the way. Could he have done more to avoid him, yes, but it wasnt going to happen, he could have made it look like he put more effort into it, but with the contact from the cross check, they were bumping no matter what.

The little jab to Marhkov, not needed, but then again neither was Marhkovs reaction, again with the embelishment. Also i find it amusing that just before that play, or the shift before that (that joe was out for) i think it was Marhkov who was working over Joes back with more than a few cross checks in the span of about 20 seconds or so, be nice to see the call that to.

Could Marhkov just as easily picked up two for embelishing the hit, yes, and could the guy that cross checked joe into Theo picked up two for it as well, yes. Did they though, nope.

The hit on Brisb...(sp, yes i am to lazy today to check the spelling myslef, sorry about that) he tryed ducking the hit and got caught high. How is that a penalty???? (see Begin and Ryders hits for a good example of what wasnt called, but ended up cathing Axxy and Nylander high).

For some of the posts by Habs fans that i have seen, u need to watch your own players first, becuse i have seen numerous montreal forwards and especially defensemen lead with the stick and or fists up high when the go to check Bruins, espicially along the boards.

And the Zednick goal, dumb play by Joe to curl back into his zone, but i gotta wonder if any one was telling him he had pressure from behind, and then to get his stick caught under the linesmens legs..... bad break.

It seems like everyone loves to bash joe (both here and on the B's board for this stuff), but sometimes i gotta wonder my everyone expects him to play any different that anyone else, and why they dont just expect the refs to call things evenly on players.

But i know its just easier to call Joe the dirtiest or most undisciplinned player in hockey instead...... .

Enough already!

If JT would stick to hockey, he would be one of the all-time greats, unfortunately, at this stage in his career he lacks the "discipline". He cannot control his temper & too often allows his frustration to control his game, at least against the Habs.

2 years ago in the playoffs, Sheldon Souray was a target for big Joe, this year it seems to be Markov. I don't have a problem with that, except someone needs to tell him that the head is off limits. It's like he thinks he's Doull at times, his job should be to lead the offense, not the offensive. When he throws a check, he seems to always be trying to crush someone, especially if they are smaller than him.

Part of it is his size, but, in my opinion he is a bit of a headhunter & yet he's the guy that was whining about quitting because of the way the game is played.

His "little jab" on Markov drew blood (not much) & was another example of lack of discipline.

If I were a Bruins fan, I would be thinking that my captain should be on the ice leading us to the next round. As it appears to me right now, your captain is steering you in the wrong direction.

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