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02-03-2008, 05:36 PM
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Skate selection (yes that question again...)

I'm sure you guys are sick of seeing this thread.. but..

My LHS has a, shall we say, limited selection of skates in stock to try on, and the "help" leaves a lot to be desired. I know it's virtually impossible to provide an answer to this question but the more info I have the better educated guess I can make.

I am going to go to the next closest LHS on either tuesday or wednesday after work, perhaps they'll have a larger stock..

Anyways, the only skate I could try on that was even close to my size were some size 8.5D and then 10D NB Vapor's. I wear a 10-10.5 (depending on the shoe) D skate(board) shoe. I'm guessing I need a 9, but think (at least for Bauer) I'd need a wider skate.

Using rental skates I get some bad arch and some shin pain. Last time I don't remember the shin pain but had upper leg pain in my right leg only, but I may just be accustomed to having the shin pain so I just ignored it...

A few websites suggested that you measure your feet and send them the info for a better chance of getting a proper fit right away, I tried that and didn't get a response from those sites..

Here's the measurements in case it helps, both of my feet are ~10-7/16" long and 3-7/8" wide at the widest point (just behind the little toe) - with socks on, thicker socks than crew socks.... I think I have a moderate arch height or whatever it's call, not flat footed as far as I know.

I was looking at Nike Bauer skates, likely a Vapor XXV, partly because that's all the LHS had in stock in adult, non goalie skates and partly because I remember hearing good things about Bauer's from friends that played many years ago.

I am open to any brand to be honest, for $350 or less. I am a beginer but would rather get a better skate then one I'd have to replace in 6 months. I have experience on roller skates ("quads" I guess they are called now) but very little on ice skates.

I'm 5'11", 205lbs.

Any other info helpful?

Sorry about the long first post, I have most of my other gear selected, but with the beg. league starting March 1st, I'm hoping I can get the "right" skate the first time (fit wise at least).

Thanks in advance for any information!

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