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02-04-2008, 08:21 AM
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Don't mess with it. Don't take tips from guys on a hockey board (as well meaning as they might be). Go get it looked at by a doctor who deals with knees. I've played since I was 5 years old and I had 3 bad knee injuries that I didn't take very good care of and at 43 I can't even play in a mens league anymore and am looking at a knee replacement. Take care of it and do what the doctors tell you to do. Times were different back then and there wasn't much attention paid to this stuff back then, we just played through stuff. I played with broken toes, seperated shoulders (which I have had to have surgery on later), multiple concussions, I even cut off a cast on my arm that immobilized a horribly broken wrist just so I could play. Trust me when I tell you that these things can come back and haunt you when you're older and you can't do anything about them. I coach a bantam team now that my son is on and I have 2 kids on the team that have wanted to play with injuries that they were told not to play with and they have watched every game from the stands and will continue to do that until someone tells me that they're okay.
Don't mean to preach to you but I have been there and don't wish what I feel like now on anyone. Good Luck, hope it is minor and you're back out there soon.

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