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02-04-2008, 09:57 AM
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Who's whining? This is the team I follow and I know how this team has played in the past and are currently playing. And I say YES, the season is over, put a fork in us.

Why? For 2 reasons:

1. If you can not score at least 3 goals a game in the "New" NHL, then you are not going to make it. We can not score 3 or more goals on a consistent basis and never have.

2. To make the playoffs, we can loose no more than ~10 (at most 11) games going forward. We have DET 5 and NAS 2 more times this year. That is a minimum of 6 loses at best, realistically 7. That leaves 3 - 4 loses in the other 21 remaining games.

I have following this team since day 1, even though there is a new culture surrounding this team they have not shown me anything that indicates they are able to make it to the next level, period. I am not whining, just stating the facts. If the people looking through rose colored glasses can post, then the people that know the facts can post as well.

Until this team can prove me wrong on the 2 facts above, they will be no better than they are now or ever have been.

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