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04-16-2004, 05:41 PM
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You're all forgetting one big thing...

I didn't read thoroughly through all messages, but I beleive some of you's are forgetting one big thing.
We're always talking about having a superstar, and to me he's still one. Like him or not, he's elite-league talent.
But above all this, have you seen him dealing with the media ? It's only been a couple weeks, but man.. He's calm, he's smart. He can talk, and most of all, he sure doesn't seem to hate it.
We may have, finally, a player that won't mind dealing with that media-pressure. Let alone a very good, talented player we surely can rely more often than not.
At 6millions/per year, I do think it's to much.
But if he wants to stay, he seems to like it here... around 5millions wouldn't be to much.
He's entertaining. We need that.
Hockey's about heart & passion, we may sometimes lack of it, but it's also about talent & knowing what you can do. He knows.
I want him back. We're better, even if he takes a night off !
You cannot pass on such talent, if the price is right...

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