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02-04-2008, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by JM47 View Post
whatever you do don't listen to hockeyfreak95. you need to try skates on first before buying them or you will be sorry.
LOL I wasn't planning on taking his advice. It's clear that he didn't read any of my post beyond the subject line and his original statement that the NBH One90's are "the best" was humorous. I'm not saying that are terrible really, but...

I def want to try them on first, my problem is just that my LHS had horrible stock and the employees were beyond useless

Hopefully this other shop I'll go to after work tomorrow (assuming they are open - haven't gotten a call back from them yet) will have better assistance - and skate choices that at least have a chance of fitting. This other shop is a Graf dealer as well so I want to try those on

Vexxed: Thanks for the link, good info from the brief scan I did, I'll read it in detail after I get some work done.

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