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04-16-2004, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Mooch
Why, do you wish you had one on saterday????

I have one the following day on sunday from 4-6pm.

University's have weird schedules!
Lol i already endured Yorks bad schedualing, well bad for us hockey fans. Last game I had to do an exam also. I taped it and made sure that no one in my house said anything about it. Then I watched it whan I got home. It was just as good. Just make sure that you call before and tell whoever is home to say nothing and change all the tv's on to a non hockey channel. Then watch the game locked in your room

The game will be jus as good, except you can fast forward the comercials and healy's stupid comments during stopage time. If you wanted to see the leaf game without knowing the score you would have major problems. That's the good thing about being a habs fan in Toronto

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