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02-04-2008, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by vexXed View Post
I notice that a lot of the 'pro' curves used by defensemen available by brands are a mid heel, open, and square toe. I tried this out using a 'Morrow' curve (I know he isn't a defenseman but his curve is typical of what D men in the NHL use) and man was my shot better. Problem was though that I couldn't stickhandle with it at all, so I ended up using a 'Sakic'. My shot was still good, and my stickhandling improved, but not well enough. Now I use a 'Datsuk' which is excellent for stickhandling but my shot power has gone down a notch. Still searching for the elusive 'perfect' curve!
That's true, I use a Forsberg (which is what a Modano was). I've used Sakic and Modano on and off and let me tell you it's hard to get used to the Forsberg after using Sakic for a while, you no longer have to keep your shots down but they're for sure more powerful, although with the Sakic you do get better handling (bc it's a big curve) and a mean wrister.

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