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02-04-2008, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by vexXed View Post
Have a look at this too, pretty decent advice on getting fitted properly.
I'm looking to replace my generic 7 year old skates pretty quick and read through this, but could someone explain to me a bit better the factor 'skill level' plays on skates? What does the difference actually do when you're on the ice? Now I'm a beginner to hockey, started my first 12 session training program back in September, I'm doing the same program a second time now and will be starting in a HNA beginners league (11 practices, 11 games) on Wednesday. For size I'm 6', 190lbs.

The problem is I don't want to fit myself into a pair of beginners skates because skating is my strength, but I don't know what the skate level means exactly or how I should judge myself by it. Back in highschool I could run a hundred in under 12:00, and would use this to my advantage in any game I played, whether its soccer, football, basketball, etc, so I take to the rink with the same mindset. So far my stride is pretty mediocre, I can't seem to go any faster than anyone else who can skate in my classes. My agility on the other hand is as strong as I hoped it would be. I'm seeing huge improvements in the edge control drills, nearing perfection on the inside edge and becoming increasingly stable on the outside, so while I can't outstride someone in a straight line, I can dangle left or right and get around.

So what sort of skate level should I be looking at and how exactly does it effect your skating, and what exactly do the beginner-expert levels mean? I'm looking for something for the long term, and will be playing 1-2 times a week. The more I play the better I get, so I don't want to stunt myself with a lower end pair. On the other end though how hard is it to learn skating with a skate about your level? Any help is appreciated.

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