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04-16-2004, 06:56 PM
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Just look at the difference in Jed's effort compared to Lundmark's. Just look at the difference between Balej's quick hands and quick thinking in the offensive zone compared to Lundmark's.

Lundmark has been a complete disaster as a Ranger. He's a total bust for a 9th round pick. He has no physical part to his game. He can't score. He can't play great defense. He doesn't do anything well.

Bertuzzi was 230 to 240 pounds. You can afford to put up with a lot of growing pains with a player that big. Lundmark is 5'11 and 190. There isn't much point of keeping a guy like him who can't do anything really well but shoot when he can't even score. There were many players that got less ice time then him that scored MUCH MORE.

Edit: skunk, make your points without insulting other people.

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