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02-04-2008, 10:04 PM
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Groin Strain

So i pulled my groin about a month ago and it's still not quite 100%,, i'd say it's at about 85% right now, but my problem is that our other goalie is not playing that well right now and i've been getting a lot of pressure from coaches and players (even the other goalie) to play and we have an important game coming up against the only team that can really challenge us this year...

I have been going to physio and it has been helping but it's not going as well as i would like it to... i was just wondering if anyone on here knows anything about this type or injury, whether you have experienced it before or you are a doctor and what are some of the things that i can do to get back quicker... I am willing to play through pain as long as my performance doesn't suffer and i let the team down... this will also likely be my last year or hockey so i'm not too worried about long-term injury

I have been reading about cortisone shots and i am considering it... i am just wondering if that's the best way to go and how i would go about doing it (ie. do i just go to family doctor or do i go to the hospital... can anyone get them upon request?) or are there any other alternatives?

Thank you in advance for your replies...

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