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04-16-2004, 09:44 PM
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To add my .02 after reading so many caustic writings, I think Lundmark needs to be given a bye into the next season. We should all be able to agree on a few basic points:

- He never got a consistent chance to play with good players from a single position
- He, at times, seemingly lost his drive while rarely doing well in traffic

Combined, this tells me that he has talent (somewhere in that human is a real live hockey player) but never had the confidence to let it out.

As I read in a different thread, give him Balej on one side and a bigger guy on the left or put him on the wing with the 2nd line. On the first day of the season tell him this: "This is your line and role until the All-Star game. Prove that you belong there by then."

Is he washed up? No. Is he getting on his last chance in a Ranger uniform? Absolutely. Get something in return while his youth is still valuable.

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