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04-16-2004, 11:09 PM
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This is a good question, righty vs lefty, I read an article once where it said that the majority of the people's top hand is their most dominate hand because it never leaves the stick and this usually determines which way you shoot. There are of course always exceptions to the rule but it said that the majority of hockey players shoot left because there are more right handed people.

This was an old article so things might have changed, but I think the 1972 Russian team were all left handed shots? There was a reference to how they determined who would play their wrong side (ie. right wing, shooting left handed). They choose the players who shot opposite to the way they write, apparently it's a European thing?

Anyways, I'm right handed, shoot left in hockey & golf, and I bat left. My brother-in-law is really weird, he writes left, throws right, bats left, shoots left, golfs right.

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