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02-05-2008, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by RangersAM99 View Post
i dont kno if your into the RBK style skates but i have the RBK 5K pumps and i love them, i get perfect edge control and i think they are an excellent pair of skates
What ever you do, DO NOT GET RBK PUMP SKATES. Dont get the 9K's, dont get the 7k's, and dont get the 5k's. Every single model of pump skates break within a year. A teammate and i had the 7ks, they broke in a year, my friend had 5's, they broke in about 8 months, and another kid on my team had the 9's, and they broke in a year. Even our goalie's pumps broke within 10 months. Do not buy pumps. When i say broke, i mean the pumps stop working and they drain of all their air within 10 minutes. They are amazing skates during the 8-12 months that they work, but do not buy them.

I would recommend trying on vapor xxv's, vector 6.0s, and maybe supreme 50/70's.


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