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02-05-2008, 07:22 PM
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actually dude you should always ice down and injury because most of the time the area where the injury has occurred is inflamed and heat will just be a deterrent...heat should be used as instructed by a doctor and like 72 hours after you started icing. the doctor would just tell you to stay off it for a while and ice it down tell it feels better 20 mins of ice 20 mins off, and repeat.....just do light butterfly stretches before you play and read my post earlier about stretching and proper warm-up....but after you play on it ice it down for 20 mins then off for 20 and then again for 20 then off for 20, it will be cold but just bite the bullet. if the problem persists see a doctor and he will just tell you to ice it and stay off it or he could tell you if you tore or pulled something then he would just tell you to stay off it and ice

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