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04-17-2004, 07:30 AM
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Originally Posted by free0717
I heard on another board that Roberto Luongo wants to hold out unless Florida gives him mor $$$$$ and an extension.

Does any one think Rangers can go out and get this player????
I hope that he sits out of hockey until he plays the final year of his contract. I am tired of these players crying about how much they are worth. The guy will make $2 million next year. Poor Roberto.

He wants to be the highest paid goalie in the league, like Brodeur, Belfour, Hasek, Joseph? Maybe he should win a playoff round or two, hell, even get his team into the playoffs first.

He is a great young goaltender, probably will be the best in the league soon. But he has won as many rounds of the nhl playoffs as Jason Labarbera has?

Having said that, I would love to see him on the Rangers, but I think he would cost too much. And I wasn't comparing Luongo to Labarbera either.

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