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02-06-2008, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by DaveROR View Post
Went to the other hockey shop tonight, from the stock they had, a 8.5 D NB Supreme 50 fit best, but I think it was a little too big. They are going to order a 8.0 D so I can try that out. Would it be worth considering the Supreme 70 considering my HT/WT? (5'11" / 205-210lbs)

If so I'll try to get him to order the Supreme 70 in 8.0D as well.

The vapor series fit OK in a 8.5, but seemed to have a bit too much arch pressure. They didn't have any Graf's in my size.

I also tried on some CCM Vector 10's (all they had in an 8) and it fit good except for the instep/arch, and felt like a little too loose in the heel? Tried a few eastons as well, didn't seem to fit too well, one was close, but then the next size higher was less comfortable, but a different model. :shrug: Didn't try any RBKs, not interested in the pump, I would imagine they'd break like the shoes did..

If the Supremes fit, buy em. The 50 would be a decent skate for you. The 70's are a better skate, but also more $$$. If you can afford the jump in price, it would be worth considering.

Each model of Graf's have their own unique fit. A 703 might not fit but a 705 will. I skated in Grafs for 5+ years. While they are a great skate. They aren't something I would recommend to a novice or inexperienced skater. They have built in forward lean that can be hard to used to.

If the Vectors felt loose the RBK's probably won't fit.

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