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04-17-2004, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by ShootOut
Right. Go tell that to the hundreds and hundreds of Canadian soldiers dodging bullets in the Balkans to preserve peace, among others.

Most of the enormities seen on this thread come from your keyboard. To keep it short, ShootOut, quite frankly, doesn't care at all what the muslim youth thinks about him. They may be angered about him. They may want to kill him. They may want to make him fry in a large pan along with pygmies and japanese so there'd only be followers of Allah left in this world. Whatever. The only thing ShootOut cares about is being safe. And, if it involves raising spending on the military, fine. If it involves invading a foreign country, fine. If the said invasion brings casualties to these countries, still fine. I don't care. If these crowds in the Middle East want to hate us only because of the color of our skin, the religion practiced by the majority of us, or even our wealth, I expect my country to defend me accordingly. These crowds, if they become a threat to my life, or to the life of others (heard of what's happening in Darfur?), should be dealt with not with an open hand and a flower, but with an iron fist. With possibly a rifle in it. If that puts the life of my children at risk, then let's just hope they'll have the means and the will to defend it as well.

Since when 'international relations' has degenerated into 'perpetually giving in to the others' demands'?
How dumb are you?

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