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02-06-2008, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by pipe dreams View Post
what a shock to me. I had him on my trade list. I like him but not a very important piece IMHO. and 4 years?????
I like him, too, but I was a bit surprised by the 4 years myself.

Originally Posted by CBJrumble View Post
Just because he signed doesnt mean he wont get traded.

Its not like Chimera was a prized rental or anything. If anything(depending on salary) this may make him more attractive on the trade market.
The lack of a NTC helps, but I was originally thinking they would possibly use him as trade bait, especially if they were going to be buying to try to make playoffs. Either I was just completely delusional or maybe this is a sign that Howson is not planning to buy anytime soon? (Not that I blame him).

Originally Posted by aRussian View Post
Because Chimmer wasn't given a NTC, I can't be fully angered by such a move
Seems like a safe move that we can exit out of if we don't get what we are looking for from Chim
That's what makes me feel a bit better about the 4 years, too.

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
The guy likes the colmbus area. He want this to be his home. He has signed for reasonable money. He is good in the community and the locker room.
I heard him on XM Home Ice one time and they were asking him about Columbus. He seemed very non-committal about it in my opinion - that's another reason for my surprise. (Although that was before the new baby, so things might've changed since then).

Additionally, I wonder what this means for guys like Malhotra or Fritsche? Are they more likely to be traded now because of this? Originally most people on these boards had at least one of those 3 up for trade. Or maybe it's just the opposite and Hitch doesn't want much to change, so they are planning on signing most of these guys back and bringing in a couple of new guys to take place of Federov's salary that they are hopefully planning on dumping.

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