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04-17-2004, 03:26 PM
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Now don't get me wrong... During the playoffs so far hes shown up... bar the incident in overtime.. though he made amends for that imo. BUT am i the only one who remember his play during the last run of games this year... NO HOLD ON.. before everyone starts to say this and that about who he played with and that he was playing with this guy and not playing with that guy.... If i'm the GM and i'm paying a guy 6 million.. he better show up everynight even if i ice him with my granny... HE was invisible!!!!! I wouldn't offer him that money again in a million years...

From what we know Kovalev likes being in Montreal, initially a great thing for the management to bring to the bargaining table... I think we as fans have been more turned on to him in the last few weeks... However in montreal we know how fickle folk can be.... i can recall certain threads about how AK was a waste of space etc, he didn't deserve the honor to wear the CH on his chest... Could you imagine if he signed a huge $6 mill contract and was invisible for the first few weeks of our next campaign - notice i wrote next campaign not next year!!! The media and fans would go KUNG ** on his *ss!!! It is such a tough predicament with AK to be in when it will come down to his contract... However i think with all that has gone on... a contract in the region of $3-$4 million would be fine... Obviously use a bonus scheme which would add an extra incentive... but i think Alexei also realises that there is something happen in this franchise at the moment and he may just want to stick around..... At the end of the day i think Gainey this year has taken steps with the releasing of high earning veterans and also contesting various taxes/leases the team has to pay for the bell centre in lowering the overall salary - that we are trying to stay clear of huge earners.. except say Franchise players Koivu and Teddy!!! So why would he sign another for such a high fee.....

I hope you all mamage to get this.. its a bit messed up but i hope you catch my drift..... I guess we'll just have to wait and see.....

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