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02-07-2008, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Pluckfur View Post
Up two goals, up two guys and you can't score. You have the opportunity to put the opposition away and you don't. You don't deserve to win the game. Period. Don't blame the coach, don't blame the assistant coaches ... blame the guys on the ice who just failed in a situation they should NEVER fail in.
Good points, but too extreme. Words like never are overused. Some credit has to be given to the other team. Peca made a good play and got denied.

Having said that, the coaching staff has to figure out what we need to do to succeed more on 5-3's. In general it's a problem. We are, in general, falling on our face on 5 on 3's. We generate nothing on quite a few 5 on 3's.

However to say we should always score, that's too much. You should have a bar and decide which side you are on. Maybe it's you score 80% of the time on 5-on-3's.

To say we deserve to lose because we failed on a 5 on 3 is too simplistic. There were many other oppurtunites for us to put them away and we didn't. It was a key moment, but there were others in that game as well.

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