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02-07-2008, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Paul755 View Post
On average the Nuggets get a slightly higer rating than the Avs. Something like a 2.2 for the Nuggets and a 1.8 for the Avalanche. For comparison...the Broncos typically get a 35.6 or higher and the Rox were getting about a 1.0 or less untill they started the run.
That sounds about right, if we're talking about this year (or even into last year). It's important to note that if we're talking about anything else, the Avs have virtually always outdrawn the Nuggets, often with regular season ratings at least twice that high over the course of the season (and way, way higher than the Nuggets). It really took the Avs losing all of their star power and becoming a non-playoff team, while the Nuggets simultaneously possessed two of the biggest stars in the league (two of the top four scorers in the league, as well), before the Nuggets could basically draw comparable ratings to the Avs. 40% of the Nuggets' starting lineup is also 40% of the NBA All-Star starting lineup. That's a monumental difference (it's impressive that the Avs still maintian comparable ratings, frankly).

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