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02-07-2008, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by jdmef8vtec View Post
i play tier 2 with ex qmjhl, ohl, chl, ncaa players so dont embarass yourself, yeah ive smoked too many doobies to keep up, but i can still play hockey jigga. And by the way 90% of yous would kill to drive my crx so dont bash my ride, i have the only left Hand Drive CRX in canada with a glass roof, a mugen body kit, mugem rims, and an H22 with a type r transmission mounted, and dont bash unless you know anything about cars in general cause this car walks on 600hp mustangs/vettes from a roll, not from a stop cause i havent gotten slicks yet to hook up.
You guys have these tools in Canada, too? I thought the baggy orange pants/upside-down golf visor/purple and green painted rice burner scene was strictly a suburban whiteboy america by way of japan thing.

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