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02-07-2008, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by BZArcher View Post
Also, let's remember again....

Norway eh? I was raised for a few years in Stavanger. Anywho, I was at the game Saturday. It was obviously a terrible game. I didn't go last night, but I watched on TV and Ovechkin is a monster, he does it all. What a severe threat that guy is on the ice. Anybody watching the San Jose game? Jody looks real good out there, 10x better than he looked in Cbus.
Heh. Born in Lillehammer, parents moved back here when I was very little. I still have some family there, and I like that we have a player I can root for who my cousins and uncle sort of know about.

Ovechkin just...-moves-, is the only way to put it. I was talking to a guy in my office who'd also gone to the game, and we both agreed that some of the ways he got around people seemed as much like a magic trick as a deke!

Jody seems like he's fitting in well. I heard an interview with Brian Grier on XM the other day and he said that he's been a really good guy in their locker room. I'm glad for him!

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