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Originally Posted by Macman View Post
After watching my son play competively for years, I've come to the conclusion that tryouts are a waste of time. The coaches and other selectors have pretty much already made up their minds, so why put kids and parents through the charade and disappointment?

Anyone who's paying attention knows where almost every kid fits in the pecking order. So at the end of each year, announce where each player will play the following season. In essence, let the season be the tryout for the following year. And when a new season begins, assess each team for the first two or three weeks. If a player looks like they should be playing at a higher level, or are in over their head, make the switch then. There always seems to be two or three kids on every team who are playing at the wrong level.
I couldn't agree more.
This happens far too often in most towns. I know that our home town, a person can only coach a set of kids (or birth years) once. This means that he can't coach the same kids for 10 years.
It helps somewhat, but there always seems to be another father or person of interest who takes up where the last coach left off and picks the same kids year after year.

I've seen some teams where a kid, who is easily one of the top 5 players on the team, gets cut only because the coaches and parents don't know him and his parents.

And lets face it, out of the 15-18 kids that make the team, there's very little separating them from the ones that do get cut. So that's where the politics and popularity contests kick in.

I really don't know how you avoid this though. I've even heard of some parents sending coaches gifts or doing their best to kiss their ass so their kid gets more time.

It makes you wonder how many potential NHLers were pushed out of the game because of stupid parents and coaches.

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