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04-18-2004, 06:59 AM
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I believe there was a couple months in which Mess centered DLac and Ortmeyer. DLac, for all his lack of talent, managed three more goals than Lundmark. Like I said, and will continue to say, you're providing excuses for Jamie. How in the world can DLac tally more goals than Jamie? Heck, Jamie even had some decent PP time during the season and still only managed two goals. Hey, I would've loved to have seen what Lundmark can do, and wanted him to start the season on Lindros' left with Kovalev to the right, but it didn't happen and Jamie really didn't turn any heads to be elevated to that position - especially with others, such as Kovalev, Rucinsky, Simon and Barnaby playing better than him up to his injury.

Why didn't Ortmeyer get benched for any mistakes? Because the kid was so much better defensively than Lundmark and the offense, unfortunately, was no better. That's why. Further, Ortmeyer made few mistakes and visibly hustled every shift. It's that simple.

And rewarding for his good play by playing on the fourth line was not a common occurrence...Jamie didn't have too many very good games this season. You can blame Sather all you want, and of course you believe it all lies on him and Jamie's not responsible at all, but perhaps Sather does not believe he has top two line talent in Lundmark at this point and that's the reason he's playing on a fourth line. Perhaps he's looking for some consistent play out of him before the kid gets another shot. And remember, he did average 12:30 of ice time this season. It's not like he languished on a fourth line. He was given PK duty. He did get a fair amount of PP time. At 22-23, for a kid that's show about 4-5 weeks of solid NHL play, that's not such a bad shot being given to him.

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