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04-18-2004, 07:08 AM
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I'm a little surprised...

I actually gave more credit to the Devils' forwards and Pat Burns' system than they deserved. The Devils look mostly like a one-line team. Without Stevens, they lose that edge on the backline, and other defensemen weren't playing well as a result of the added pressure (most notably their captain, Niedermeyer). Esche impressed, but always didn't have to.

The 'Bolts were no surprise - although Dipetro's turning into an NHL goaltender.

The Leafs may be the best team outta all left in the playoffs. Their forwards are as good as any bunch. The don't have the best defense, but they have diverse defensemen. And I think Belfour's game is on. He may not be shutting out the 'Sens like Kflabby did, but Kflabby wasn't facing the Sens either.

I thought St. Louis would pull one out. Tkachoke didn't show up, but neither did Pronger. I thought Osgood was good enough to pull something out...I was wrong. surprise except that the Predators were able to pull out a couple wins.

Dallas....thought they had nothing from the beginning. Letting Hatcher walk was a big mistake for them.

Colorado - Can't see them getting past the second round. The remaining goaltenders and defenses are better.

This VAN/CGY series is great. Love western Canadian hockey, eh?

MTL's making a series outta this one. Theodore may be back (After giving up a real softie). Raycroft may break. And Boston's depth may hurt them.

These playoffs are wide open. There really isn't one great team out there. There's been some spotty play. Soft goals going in, etc. It's been entertaining thus far, but teams will have to tighten-up in the next round.

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