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04-18-2004, 09:59 AM
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Nashville Fans:

From one small market team to another, I was aganist the Wings the whole time. The 2-3-4 game, I think you looked like the 1 team and Detriot looked like an 8, The players did stuff you never see (well Oz's hit into the pole, most guys around the league wont sacrifice themself like that).

I just want to tell you guys good job, first time in the playoffs you gave them one scare, and this looks like a team that will be back this time next year.

PS, Watching Vokun on TV this last week, he reminds me a lot of Hasek in the 90's. (thats becuase he is coached by the same guy)

But I just wanted to say congrats and I hope to see you next year

PS My Fiancee loves your team jersey, wants me to get her one, who should I go for (Vokun is the easy answer, but anyone else who really stands out?)

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