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02-08-2008, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Doctor Spin View Post
I like the "all-or-nothing" proposal of DJA with the modification of 10 minutes of 4-4 sudden victory followed immediately, if necessary, by 10 minutes of 3-3. Only in the handful of times a season neither team scores in the 20 minute OT would a penalty shot shootout occur. I believe this would be as exciting for the fans, the games would end at a manageable time, and the outcome would be more team based than the current shootout. In any case, the half credit for losing nicely should be eliminated. An OT win should count as a full win, and an OT loss should be a total loss.
As far as the shootouts. I am a goalie and like the shootouts. It gives the goalie a chance to win it for the team. If you think about it the NFL's "sudden death" is usually more of a who wins the coin toss crap shoot than an actual test of the teams players. Team who wins the coin toss more often than not will get into field goal range and kick it in for the win. It is almost a case of let's just toss the coin for the win.

I know it is a litlle different for hockey in that regard but the other thing to think about is that the NHL is trying to make the sport more broadcast friendly (fit into a more defined time slot) changing it around to sudden death until a win could last forever. Great for us hockey fans but terrible for broadcast execs. This would leave hockey struggling even more than it already is for air time. I agree 5 minutes is too short and should be lengthened to 10 but don't drop the shootout.

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