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02-08-2008, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Doctor Spin View Post
You're a tad too modest AG. The goalie has a chance to win the game every night, not just in a shoot out. Skaters and fans forget that.

Actually, the "all-or-nothing" of DJA's proposal might result in more games in regulation with the OT premium removed. Of the 2600 or so NHL games a year, I doubt if more than a handful would go to the shootout at the end of a 20 minute OT. Maybe a few more if the OT period was 10 minutes. Besides most NHL games in the USA are covered by regional sports nets who are used to loose tails on most of their live programming. Up North, folk are smart enough to know there is nothing more important than OT hockey anyway, so they don't care what program is joined in progress(that's pro' gress, eh).
Down here we might just get dumped for a Cavs pregame with the promise of updates on the score if we stay tuned. I would go with the 10 because it can be planned around by scheduling postgames shows etc. The 20 minute period gets a little touchy as most games are running a little long (into the time already allotted for the postgame) already.

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