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02-08-2008, 01:11 PM
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Tryouts are probly the one thing that gets looked at the most. i couldnt wait for tryouts as a kid. I know that as a coach you have atleast 80% of your team picked out, but having kids you never seen before is also good. its easy to play against kids you just got done playing becuase you know what they like to do but you get a new kid who has all the moves you can see what kids defend or act better. but i loved it when my coach took a chance on someone he has never seen before but looked good at tryouts becuase thats how i got onto my first travel team. picking the same team will only give you the same results or close it year in and year out and changing players on the team can make or break a season. also the more ice time you can give a player the better, but the coach has to know how to manage the ice time and teach is the most important. i had a midget coach who taught from the time you hit the ice until the zamboni kicked us off. i had a high school teach me nothing and skated the team every mourning and it sucked. but to build a good USA hockey team and organization its starts with coaching and management, also coaches cant show favorites twords there own kids because it can really bring down a team.

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