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04-18-2004, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsolution
I think it's quite pathetic the way the media have been calling the habs divers, fakers and what not. Perception and trends I guess would be two words that describes this situation quite well. It's getting to the point a habs player can't be brought down on the ice without an idiot calling him a diver.

I've watched the Calgary-Vancouver triple OT win and I saw Jovanovki pull a Kovalev on a nothing high stick to his helmet. Had this been a hab you would see another habs player branded a faker for life by the stupid media. The flames were in the nucks zone while Jovo was lying on the ice. I'm not calling Jovanovski a faker, diver or anything. What I'm saying is Jovanovski quit on the play just as much as Kovalev did. Luckily for him the flames couldn't score while he was down. But even if they did I doubt we would have seen people bringing this up.

But what's even worse about it is that Bruins fans are already using this as an excuse for the boston players lack of energy and heart and a reason why the series may be tied now. Yes it is right. The bruins have stopped hitting because they are afraid of getting penalties....

The argument gets even more pathetic when you consider the fact that the so-called habs dives and fakes haven't helped the habs at all. In fact they've made it all more difficult for us. Just watch the 6th game again if you get the chance. Ribeiro doesn't get any calls anymore no matter what happens. He had to be highsticked twice in the face for the referees to call a penalty in the 5th game. The Kovalev miscue has made us lose the 4th game. And I could go on...

If any bruins fans are reading this. Start looking at your captain (Langdon 1 - Thornton 0 ! ), at your veterans and your first line for answers as to why the habs have been able to come back and tie it. Because quite frankly this whinning and crying is getting annoying and ridiculous.

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