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02-09-2008, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Lola View Post
Camden received five stitches in his chin today.

Within 15 minutes of ice skating at his party, he experienced a "face plant" and cut open his chin. Thankfully, one of the hockey dads is also a doctor, and bandaged him up. I was ready to take him to the doctor then, party be damned, but Doctor Dave said he'd be fine if we wanted to wait.

And Dr. Dave was right.

As soon as I cleaned the blood off him (and it was POURING out EVERYWHERE), he went right back out on the ice.

Two hours later, we were at the clinic, and he received his stitches. So that makes 10 stitches in 6 months. He, of course, is very proud and wanted to know how many stitches Jay Bouwmeester had when he was five. LOL

The mini ice rink was a huge hit, but unfortunately, the thing is freakin' huge and they will have to play with hit outside.

We also bought him a new stick, Reebok, Sid Crosby stick (hey, it was cheap). He was excited when we told him it was a Sidney Crosby stick and said, "thanks for my new Disney Crosby stick!" LOL
Aww sorry to hear that, he sounds like a trooper

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