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04-18-2004, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by David
not in the way he plays the game but in the way he takes full credit for wins but then slyly blames his teammates for not scoring instead of taking the responsibilty for his losses. I wonder how his team mates took his comments? As for me, I personally hate guys like this and I think that we are getting a glimpse of what Raycroft is really made of with his comments after the game on Saturday night.

Why did we win game 6? It's quite simple, really. Theodore was not afraid while Raycroft was and as a result, Jose was the better goalie in the last two games. Although he let the first goal in, Jose was solid and so square to the puck throughout the game and especially in the first period and a half when the B's really stormed out of the gates while Montreal guys were just flat footed and not moving their feet and not hustling!
I was actually quite surprised that Jose wasn't one of the three stars because some of those bouncing puck save close to him were VERY, VERY DIFFICULT saves!!! His play actually reminded me of Pat Whatishisname in confidence and even positionining on a lot of plays (which is the ultimate complement, at least coming from me, because no goalie was ever more positionally sound than Pat Roy!)

Here are some other random thoughts.

As many have alluded to before, Langdon's goal was huge!!!
Aside: who else thinks that this guy looks like David Arquette?

It would have been real easy for CH to pack it in at that point after coming out so flat and then having a goal scored on them first in the way that it was scored but they didn't so KUDOS to all the players!

Boston's most dangerous line by far has been the Nylander, Samsonov and Bergeron line. Nylander and Samsonov are so slippery and hard to defend...until Cluade Julien figured out that the line of Dowd, Begin and Bullis was the answer...I must say that Julien is out coaching Sullivan by a country mile!!! Although the fact that these guys are plummers was obvious, their hustle, hard work and desire not only nutralized Boston most dangerous line but for most of the 2nd period, they completely dominated and skated circles around the Nylander, Samsonov line for long stretches while Boston was just doing anything they can to dump the puck out of their zone...until Begin went down...then Nylander and Sammy became dangerous again...I have never seen such complete dominance from a threesome of hustle over threesome of talent before!

The only problem with this was that because this line was out for so much, the Koivu, Kovalev, Zednik line sort of got cold, sitting on the bench. I think that Kovalev has to play alot to be effective while Koivu is dangerous at any time and anywhere...I think that Koivu is finally making believers out of all those who didn't believe that he is the most talented NHL centre aside from Lemieux...not the best mind you but the most's his little and fragile frame that keeps him from achieving that title...but the talent is and has always certainly been there.

Well, we're headed for game 7...anything can happen in game 7's...however, I like our chances...I've said this before but as long as Theodore plays with arrogance and attitude as he has done throughout his career, and as long as the rest of the team plays as they've been doing for most of this series, we'll be fine! Let's just not get too far ahead of ourselves because once again, there's still a lot of hockey left to be played!!!
What did Raycroft say exactly?? Anybody has a link??

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