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02-10-2008, 11:44 PM
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Starts from the top of the organization, goes down to the very bottom.


- Hasn't done anything to press on his coach or any of his players and send a message.

- Overpaying Shanahan to do jack****.

- Not acquiring a defenseman. Instead, we have the terrible tandem of Strud**** and Mongoloid as our 6th and 7th defenders. Maybe this is part of the reason why our team sucks?


- Lack of leadership skills. Relies on his players too much, and doesn't know how to come up with solutions to problems that arise. If he was a good coach, he would have figured out something to get this team going. This has been an ongoing problem since 06.

- Lack of accountability. Only benches certain players, others get preferrential treatment. Preached accountability like day and night when he first got here, and hasn't lived up to that mantra.

- The overusage of the 4th line. The 4th line should not be playing about 10 minutes a game. That is a joke, completely unexcusable, considering the lack of talent on that line, and their inability to be a true shutdown line.

- Overusage of Shanahan. He should be a power play specialist that sees 2nd or 3rd line ice time. Get him off of the damn penalty kill.

As for the players...


- Went from one of the hardest working players in the NHL to one of the laziest players out there. The reason why he needs to play a more slowed down puck possession game is because he's lost all of his speed from being lazy and not working out like he used to. The Jagr that would fly down the ice and drag 2 guys on his back and score played at about 220. Maybe if he got down to 225-230, he could get some of his speed back. Age doesn't help, but he's definitely not as dilligent as he once was.

- Nylander being gone. Stop sulking about your boyfriend being gone and play hockey. One of the top 30 best players to ever play the game, and you're going to cry about a career 2nd line center being gone? What a load of ****.


- Wanted more money to come back, and hasn't done nearly enough to warrant that. Doesn't help that he's over used, but we saw that happen to him last year as well. Shouldn't have asked for more money considering he didn't have an excellent season.


- Not only does he suck at life, but he's a complete mongoloid, piss poor play and a piss poor attitude to boot is exactly why you should be gone from the NHL once the summer comes.

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