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04-19-2004, 09:29 AM
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At #6, Schremp and/or Ladd will still be available. I'd be happy with either one. If neither is available, then a team ahead of us has departed from the conventional wisdom and a higher-ranked player (ikely Olesz) will fall into our laps.

I'm not really eager to move up from #6, since I think #1 and #2 are out of reach and the cost of moving up a spot or two will proabably outwiegh the reward.

A lot of people are saying that we should trade Poti and/or Lundmark to improve our position. I don't know if this is a viable tactic this year. With all the uncertainty, what GM would be willing to trade a #1 pick for a vet on draft day? If there's a lockout, a team can still have its draft pick develop, but will lose a year of the veteran's services. Plus, so many contracts were structured to end after this season that almost every team will have a shot at filling their needs with free agents.

(Actually, if we are going to trade Poti, Lundmark or other roster players I'd prefer to get either young NHL talent or a close-to-NHL-ready prospect in return. The Rangers already have holes for next season that can't be filled by our kids. If we can fill one of them with a relatively young player from another organization rather than a 30+ UFA, I'd be happy.

Also, GMs are almost certainly aware of the things that are being said about this draft that make Ranger fans want to move up (i.e. There's a dropoff after the top end talent and the 2nd round is not as strong/sure as it normally is.) I doubt dangling Lundmark and two 2nd rounders will tempt GMs into giving up a high first rounder.

Moving up from #26 into the teens is a likely possibility. Even at #26, the Rangers can still get a decent player (and there's always a good one who falls below their projected position).

Does anyone know what picks we have lined up for the entire draft? (Not just the first and second rounds. )

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