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02-11-2008, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by elvisisalive View Post
The two are listed together on ISS' list. While your opinion may be that Gormley should not be rated #1, it still does not excuse you from ignoring him completely from your top 30 list. Hard to believe that a player rated #1 by ISS doesn't even show up on your top 30. About the years, there seems to be some confusion here. Your tag line states 2011, then you state that Gormley is an 09, and Courturier is a 2010. ISS has them rated together, so which is it?

OMG not again...they are both born 1992 birth both are ranked for this years QMJHL draft, but in the NHL draft if a player is born after september 15th such as Courturier is then he is ranked for the next draft. Gormley is ranked for the 2010 NHL draft where as Courturier is ranked for 2011 because of a late birthday. I am a scout in the QMJHL not saying for who though, the ISS rankings are good but they overrank some players...players like Mathieu Brisson should be at the top of the 2008 QMJHL draft, but are not on the ISS site. Scouting is all a matter of opinion anyway.

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