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02-11-2008, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Tormentor View Post
Yep, you are right about that.

Yes, he's a good skater and has quite a lot of skill, but his game is far from the kind of dominance shown by Pulkkinen and Granlund last season in CSM and they were underagers then:
SNECK Jose 24.09.1992 Vantaa 175 70 FIN R (stats so far in CSM: 14th in scoring 9gp 8g+6a=14p)
PULKKINEN Teemu 02.01.1992 Vantaa 178 78 FIN R (stats in CSM last season 11gp 21g+22a=43p)
GRANLUND Mikael 26.02.1992 Oulu 175 74 FIN L (stats in CSM last season 11gp 15g+16a=31p)
So it's a bold prediction to say that Sneck is a possible 1st rounder as there are dozen other Finn's with a similar talent level in this draft class and it could be that there won't be a single Finn in the first round in 2011.

And what comes to Partanen, he's a good player but I suspect that part of his good performance against the players of his own age is due to the fact that he's physically well developed for a kid of his age.
PARTANEN Mika 18.10.1992 Helsinki 187 86 FIN L (stats so far in CSM: 5th in scoring 8gp 12g+5a=17p)

Strange that there is organization that ranks players that are this young. What is the purpose of this and how can you make reliable rankings from a big mass of players that is scattered all around the country and doesn't play in any nationally organized league?
we don't make rankings but why wouldn't I watch them I scout in the QMJHL and we are watching players that are 92 ranked, eventhough Euros are not taken this year who are 92 I took in a few games when I was over Europe...I was not over there for scouting though I took in alot of games, I had players I wanted to see and while I was over there I went to some games on teams that I wanted to see. But the QMJHL pays attention to 92's not so much 93's this year. But I travel a bit and attend tournaments for scouting that are world events and traveling Euro teams so I see alot of players, plus I like to travel so I do go over Europe once a year to.

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