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02-11-2008, 08:42 PM
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Hemp or Soy based Protien?


I know this is a rather technical question, but this is the only forum I have an active membership too. So, hopefully, someone[s] can provide some information.

For valentines day I want to get my girlfriend some protein powder, I know, I am super romantic like that! However, it is something she needs but can't justify buying, as we are both poor students. It will also give me piece of mind, because I worry about her health a bit. She is a vegetarian who is allergic to wheat and whey. She is currently training for a her second half marathon, and I feel that she would benifit from added protien.

My question: what is the better alternative to whey, soy or hemp? What flavors are good. I currently have vanilla iso-whey protein and it tastes like ****. It was a gift from my mother, who bought it on sale, so I can't complain. Obviously, I would like to avoid the ****** taste syndrome though.


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