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02-12-2008, 09:53 AM
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Assuming that the majority here play men's league, most players in men's league use a cage or visor. Although I have seen a lot of guys who use neither, but whatever. Adding a stinking neck guard shouldn't be a huge deal. I like the Itech shirt and I actually ordered one. If the guard really does end up feeling like crap I'll just cut it off or something.

EDIT: I just got the Itech thing, it took like a day to get it because I'm so close to Ocean (They're in NJ). The neck thing is actually quite thin, I would say maybe half cm thick. It goes to the top of your neck like a turtleneck and there's a zipper on the back or the neck part so you can leave it a little looser. All-in-all not bad. The shirt is a moisture shirt, so that's a nice part about it. The shirt isn't tight, it's quite loose except around the arms. I got a large, I normally wear a medium shirt. I'll probably try to take the white stitching off so it just looks like a turtleneck
Anyway I can be a cool turtleneck guy, that's all.

Sorry for not shaving, lol

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