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04-19-2004, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Mooch
Hot green chillis!!!!

Take for the team Breezy(sorry habit)


I just came off passover, where we have to eat what we call Maror... bitter herbs. Basically it's roots of some poisonous plant which even killer earthworms (trust me. Those stuff exist) avoid. Than we grind the stuff making sure our eyeballs don't fall out (which is why we ritualistically wear welding masks), keep it in a closed food box so it stays fresh and bitter, and eat it twice on passover. The first two nights. Our eyes are supposed to start tearing over them, but usually so do our noses, ears and other body orifices. So it could be that those gave me the diarrhea. But, if I must do it for the sake of the Habs, then I must do it.

Listen, if I don't post within a week, tell my mother (posting name: Brisebois' mother) that I love her. Tell her that I leave her all my clean underwear (well, all the ones that Dutchy hasn't gotten to yet). Tell her that under my mattress I have a stash of pornography. I'm leaving that for my buddy Dave. Tell her that the autographed hockey stick should go to my friend Lafleur, whom I never told her about. He's in my closet (some people say he's in my basement). Also, tell her that those shoes she wanted me to wear, which I 'lost', are actually in my fifth drawer under my holy Kabbalistic book of spirits called 'Shilshul Metzius' (literal translation: leeches toenails).

Lafleur is sobbing. I think he wants another beer.

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