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02-12-2008, 04:56 PM
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I also was a forward for most of my life, but during 2 seasons, one of which competing in a national tournament, i was asked to switch to defense. It takes a certain type of player to be able to handle the switch. I don't want to talk down to any forwards (as i still consider myself one as well), but the job is much simpler for the average player (especially at wing).

I'm not sure exactly what to say that will help, because it seems like you are on the right track. For me, to start off i almost completely forgot about the physical aspect of the game. Until you get the positioning and poise, theres no need to run around looking to rub people out like you might normally do.

To play good defense, it's all about the player's ability to read the play. Positioning is a part of it, but you will pick that up fast enough. It's the ability to read what is happening and what will unfold that is the toughest part about playing defense. I think for forward transitioning to defense, a general rule of thumb is less is more. You don't need to run around as much as your instincts might tell you to. Protect your area of the ice and as you get better at reading plays you will be able to make some checks and jump on loose pucks.

As for books, i'm not sure. Hopefully someone else can help because i would be interested to read more as well

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