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02-13-2008, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
i'm speechless, what a disappointment.
I barely recovered myself... I can't believe it!!

To break it down.. they are ahead by one halfway through the 3rd. Then:

on the last 10 shots, Troja scroes 5 goals?!?!?
in 3 minutes, Troja scores 4 goals?!?!?

OHK has 34 penalty minutes in the game, including three 3 on 5's. Snider gets a GM with 5 left to go, and Tselios gets taken out for kneeing and slashing?!? What kind of penalties are those for a "physical" defenseman?!?!?!?!?!

Same god damn thing every year.... And "Tool"sson is *****ing about "homierefs"... again... gimme a ****ing break!!!

Everytime OHK plays a "decent" team, they apparently are penalized only becasue the ref is a homer guy!?!? It's been the same thing for two years in a row now... if not three... Pitea last year was epic! OHK doesn't have freaking pond players on the squad, and all those guys KNOW they need to adjust to the level of the ref, not keeping on doing what they doing and parade their ***** into the sin bin!

Hansson blames lactic acid becasue of all the pen's for the collapse... no ****, Sherlock! I wouldn't be upset if this was in the beginning of the season, but now?!?Make adjustments then! You're the freakin' coach!

How you ****ing lose a hockey game with 6-2 after leading it 2-1 in the middle of the third is nothing but a ******* disgrace.

The truth to be told.. they haven't beaten Troja nor Tingsryd ONCE this season, so I'm questioning what sort of motivation there is to push for a spot in "Kvalserien." Teams and efforts like OHK's today just don't belong there.

I sure hope Peltonen and Niskanen can help these guys understand what it takes to be a winner. Losing like they did today has nothing to do with any lack of skill nor conditioning... it's all about Pride, Will, and Desire. Hang on for ****'s sake! Nobody is going to give it to you, and the new guys can only do so much.

I feel bad for even starting this thread.

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