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04-20-2004, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Stanger31

Dyin to see Dulzhok reply to this, Hillbilly totally made you eat your comment.

Maybe if the fans eased up a bit on Leggy he would continue to get better, I don't mean don't be demanding, but don't demand a trade everytime he is in a slump. Sure he hasn't panned out as other top picks have, but he has the potential and his consistency will come. Just give him time and cheer for him instead of demanding him gone for peanuts.

now, to be fair...

it's not ALL preds fans. dulzhok is a well-informed, knowledgeable poster. he has long had a hate-on for legwand...and he's not the only one...but to say that his opinion typifies all or even most preds posters is simply not true. the BULK of the legwand bashers are the more less-informed preds fans. those that don't recognize anything that doesn't show up on a stat sheet under the 'goals' column. he's popular to dislike, but i think the majority recognizes that he's still a player with enormous potential...and that while he may not be a prolific scorer, he's fantastic in other aspects of his game.


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