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04-20-2004, 05:00 AM
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IB, thanks for starting this thread. I wanted to do it by myself but had no time due to large amount of work…
So, I agree with you on most of your opinions. Besides. I’ve just read an article on stating that Pleau has already chose the direction of considerable reducing of payroll and filling the team with so much needed youth. As far as I understand Pleau’s plan he is not willing to give up on all top-players at once thus getting little return (it was stated that rebuilding could go a year or two). Tkachuk and Demitra would be moved (Demitra most likely this June). Osgood is a question, but would be let go if another solid and cheaper G could be obtained. Pronger goes nowhere. Weight is the second elite player most likely not to be traded after Pronger… And of course Backman and Jackman are qualified.
Uh… I like it. That’s what I’ve been pondering recently by myself.

In my opinion Demitra does have trade value. And even high one, especially when opposing team does not have to undertake any significant amount of salary. I think that Buffalo is one of the best destinations for him. Sabres can unload Satan (most likely, although I’d like to have Drury) and his approx. 4.5 mil. Besides, they’ve got three NHL caliber Goalies which means they’d need to unload one of them – most likely Noronen. So, Demitra for Satan and Noronen sounds good for both sides. Since Blues could count on Noronen as starter (tough question) they can let Osgood go and save another 3-4 mil or Noronen could be used as a trade bait to get another starting G making less than Osgood.
Tkachuk’s trade is a tougher question. But possibility of moving him depends on how you approach the deal. In my opinion KT would have more trade value before next years trade deadline. Look at this. Tkachuk makes 10 mil a year (two more years). Imagine noone wants to undertake purely his 10 mil a year. Then the proposal should be made either by eating some of his salary or getting in return players that combining make around 5 mil. So other team would have to undertake around 5 mil which should not be impossible to contending teams. The deal sending Tkachuk to Leafs for Mogilny (5 mil) + … sounds reasonable (Mogilny could also be later dealt).
As a result Blues could save around 7 mil on deals and around 8 mil due to Al’s and Mel’s retirements. If we decrease our payroll that much Blues could have a more reasonable payroll at approx. 45 mil.
Any thoughts?

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