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02-14-2008, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Lola View Post
So....does anyone have plans for Valentine's Day?

I'm making steak and mushrooms, and twice baked potatoes for dinner. Since my daughter was disappointed with my husband's gift to me ("not romantic at all!" were her words), I'll throw some candles on the table too (her idea of romance).

My husband bought me a new (to me) PowerBook G4 and upgraded the RAM to a gig (desperately needed it for work), and I got him 'Call of Duty 4' for PS3. We'll be spending the night playing with our new toys. LOL


You and your husband exchanged some pretty cool gifts! And dinner sounds fantastic!

I'm not sure what we're doing tonight. Most likely, we'll stay home since we're all struggling with colds this week.

As for Valentine's gifts, my wife and I don't do much, but that's largely because our birthdays are in February.

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